Communion at Farmville UMC

In accordance with many Christian denominations across the world and throughout time, The United Methodist Church recognized two sacraments: Communion and Baptism. These special acts are particular practices, instituted by Jesus, whereby the grace of God may be encountered. In the sacrament of baptism, Christ’s church is called to encounter Jesus through the consumption of bread and wine/juice. According to the beliefs of The United Methodist Church, we practice an open communion table where all are invited to partake. If you would like more information about communion or to talk with someone further, please contact our clergy either in person or here.

About our communion elements

For our communion elements, we are currently using TrueVine Chalice Cups. The manufacturer reports that the juice is comprised of 100% grape juice from USA grown grapes. The bread is an unleavened bread made with wheat flour, shortening, salt, and water. For more information about our elements, see the manufacturers website here.